The Evolution of University Web Design

How University web experiences have evolved over the past 15 years

Websites are living, breathing things that reflect the work and culture of the organization it represents. As the internet has grown and design trends have evolved, websites have had to evolve as well.

University websites have always had an especially complex design challenge: How do you effectively engage and provide answers to all the various users that come to our homepage? With applicants, students, alumni, parents, staff, donors, and more all coming to your site for answers, finding an appropriate site organization, design, and content strategy requires you to balance a dizzying set of needs.

We gathered homepage screenshots from some select universities from over the past 15 years to see how they have tackled these issues. Click a school logo below to browse and share your favorites!

Where will design for higher education go from here? We have some great ideas… get in touch to brainstorm with us!